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Thing 19104 Cellular Lamp
03-20-2013, 08:47 AM
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Thing 19104 Cellular Lamp
Did this one as a test and something to bring to the Tyler Mini Maker Faire

It has a lot of extreme overhangs and requires special settings to print well.

It took 17 hours, using the safest settings.

It could probably print with more conservative settings, and cut down the time.

Relevant Settings Used:
Style: Art - extreme overhangs
Layer Height .15 mm - finer steps, better for overhangs
Infill 50% - to get a bit more strength
Loops Go from Inside to Perimeter ON - better for overhangs
Infill Extrusion Width .4mm
Extrusion Width .34 mm
Number of Loops 3
Skin Thickness .6 (should always be a multiple of layer height)

Coarse, 28 degrees, .4 mm gap
Raft, inflated 8 mm
Support Z-Roof 3 mm

Material: Max Cooling
Cool 100% - this is full speed all the time
Fan Z 5mm - delay the fan until this height
Z-Lift .5 mm - this is important, but slow, to hop over curled-up edges

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