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Filament Sources
03-14-2013, 11:10 AM (This post was last modified: 03-18-2013 05:56 PM by edkman.)
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Filament Sources
Getting good filament can be a challenge. There are not many good places that carry good filament at good prices.

Zen Toolworks (Amazon)
If you only want good quality White or Black, the best deal seems to be, the Zen Toolworks brand. With Prime shipping (you pay Amazon a flat rate per year to get much better shipping deals) it nets out to just $29.98 per kg, which is better than any other price we have seen for good filament, when shipping is included.

For colored filament, there is a lot of variation of the amount of coloring that the plastic has. A lot of the cheaper filament is much more translucent so the colors just aren’t as strong as you might want.

SainSmart (Amazon)
Requires an adapter. Reasonably good quality. Not the greatest spool type - cardboard, overfilled, no hole in the rim.

The SainSmart Blue is acceptable. Its Yellow is not really very strongly colored, but can be attractive for some prints.

Octave (Amazon, direct)
This is useable, if not the best. Like the other cheaper plastics, it is not very opaque.

The Octave filament comes on wider rolls than is normal. This results in losing about .75” of Y travel for objects that are tall enough on the right hand rear to end up touching the Octave spool adapter that is needed. For most parts, this is not a problem.

You can get Octave filament for $31.00 including shipping of you buy four rolls at a time: but it's also $31, free shipping from Amazon with Prime membership. (direct)
For a long while, we were getting all our filament from because the quality was very good, the spools were standard, and the price including shipping was reasonable.

Right now, however, the shipping is unreasonable. So we have been looking at all the other potential sources of filament.


Red - useable, good opacity. Turns white in the hot end if left there, but it’s readily flushed. Leaving overnight results in horrible dark stuff, but it does flush out.

Dark Blue - OK. It's a very very dark blue.

Neon Yellow - Warning
Watch out! Their Neon Yellow ABS will harden and clog the nozzle if left in the hot end at temperature for 20 minutes. Do not use this color! (Besides which, it’s got a tint of brown that makes it unattractive.)
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07-10-2013, 02:55 PM
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RE: Filament Sources
I saw some OD Green ABS the other day. Anyone have an idea of where that came from?

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